Little River adds new imaging center in Waco

Little River Healthcare has added a clinic to its roster in Waco, creating a trio of offices that will serve patients in the area better than ever before.
The new clinic, Waco Imaging, shares the same building as Central Texas Urology and Waco Ear, Nose & Throat, the other two Little River clinics in Waco. Robert Torres, director of imaging services for LRH, said by having the partnership with Central Texas Urology and Waco ENT, it allows Waco Imaging to now provide imaging services to patients of those particular practices.

“The Imaging Center opened a couple of months ago, and now we are able to provide patients in that area with diagnostic x-rays, CT scans and ultrasounds,” he said.
Torres added that he is thrilled to have Waco Imaging as part of the Little River organization.
“One of the goals that Little River Healthcare has is that we want to make Little River’s presence along the I-35 corridor stronger and stronger,” he said. “By opening the Imaging Center in Waco, it continues to help us move farther north and serve more people.”
Waco Imaging is located at 601 West Hwy. 6 in the Six West Medical Center. Visit for more information.

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