Little River Managing Partner seeks State Senate seat

Ryan Downton, Partial Owner and Managing Partner of Little River Healthcare, has entered the race for state senate as a Republican in Texas’ 24th Senatorial District. This district contains 17 counties, including Bell County and cities such as Killeen, Temple and Belton.
Downton, who previously ran for state representative in 2012, said he decided to run for state senate primarily because of Obamacare. In 2008, he founded Platinum Diagnostic Imaging,
but as a result of cuts to independent imaging imposed by Obamacare, he was forced to sell the business in 2010. “It was devastating for that company as it has been for many other companies,” he said. “I can’t sit on the sidelines … I need to fight back and make a difference.”
Because of his strong business background and his time at LRH since then, Downton said he’ll be even more of an asset to the state senate. “We would all be better off if government ran like a business,” he said. “I have first-hand experience with how regulations impact business, and the fact that it’s in healthcare is particularly useful given how large a percentage of the state budget is spent on healthcare. I’m well versed in policy issues and debates that will come up in the capitol.”
Other subjects Downton is passionate about include public education, water, abortion issues and illegal immigration. “There are a lot of issues facing the district and state,” he said. “Public education is very important to me because I have a 6-year-old son in public school. We have the highest tax rates, but public schools are still failing and we need to change that. Water is another big issue for our district [with] ground and surface water rights, which is something I want to work on. I’m a very strong pro-life advocate and I think Texas needs to continue to lead in that, and then I’m also concerned about the continuing illegal immigration problem.”
In addition to his business acumen, Downton has experience in the capitol, where he served as general counsel to the Texas House of Representatives, and where he fought for the Legislatively-passed Republican redistricting maps in trials in San Antonio and Washington, D.C., as well as before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Primary voting will take place March 1.
Learn more about Ryan’s campaign at To learn more about Little River Healthcare, visit

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