Meet the doctor behind Little River's newest health clinic in Salado

A new health clinic has joined the Little River Healthcare family in Salado. The Salado Medical Clinic is the practice of Dr. Ramiro Pena—a seasoned doctor who has spent approximately 50 years practicing medicine.
Dr. Pena served as a trauma surgeon in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War and had a lengthy career practicing private surgery at King’s Daughters Hospital in Temple until he retired in 1996. At that time he wasn’t ready to retire, he said, so he started his own family practice in Salado.
His clinic joined LRH Oct. 1 and will be developed as a rural health clinic. Plans are already in the works to build out the space next door to the clinic, doubling its size and creating space for other mid-level providers to practice there as well. The remodel is slated to be complete in early 2016.
The acquisition of his clinic by LRH is gratifying because it allows Dr. Pena to personally continue to be active and practice in an area he loves.
“I have a large following of people here and Salado is a very pleasant community,” he said. “Little River is allowing me to work in a group again and at the same time to be a little bit separate, so patients still get the advantages of a small, intimate family practice, yet we’ll have the facilities and specialists available that a large group practice allows.”
Salado Medical Clinic is located at 213 Mill Creek Drive, #180. The clinic is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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