Round Rock family practice joins Little River

As of Aug. 1, Great Oaks Family Practice in Round Rock has joined Little River Healthcare, expanding the geographic area of the organization’s reach.
Dr. David Diaz and his PA, Debra Smith, are at the helm of the general family practice, where they see everyone ages 12 and up for wellness care, acute care and prevention.

“We put an emphasis on keeping people healthy by preventing rather than putting out fires,” Diaz said. “Our PA here also does women’s care.”
Diaz said he’s excited that Great Oaks has joined LRH because it gives his practice the opportunity to join a healthcare system in an integrated way. “Little River has some systems and is forming systems that will be able to integrate a medical community, and Little River is open for input from providers on how to do that, where a lot of hospital systems aren’t,” he said.
In addition, the acquisition of Great Oaks allows the administrative burden of practice management to be alleviated from Diaz, who will now be able to focus more on practicing medicine. It also expands LRH’s reach in Round Rock, providing a place for LRH employees and new patients alike to receive primary care services. Little River has two other clinics in the area: Round Rock Gastroenterology and Round Rock Cardiology.
“We will be providing services for employees in the area and expanding Little River’s access to patients outside of the system in Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander and Austin,” Diaz said. “You can look at us as the western outpost.”
Great Oaks Family Practice is located at 15930 S. Great Oaks Drive, Ste. A200, in Round Rock. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Learn more about the new LRH practice at

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