Little River gets hands-on with addition of new chiropractic group

Little River Healthcare has added a chiropractic group to its ever-growing list of available medical specialties. The group, officially named Little River Healthcare – Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, has locations in River Place and South Austin.

Chiropractic is not a common specialty found in many healthcare networks like Little River. Jeff Madison, CEO of LRH, said the company acquired the group because there is a need to provide a more thorough continuum of care for people dealing with back pain and other spine-related conditions. 

“We feel like the addition of Chiropractic care to the company will allow us to meet the needs of patients better than before,” he said. “There’s no question that a lot of our patients are already going to chiropractors of their own volition, so we felt like we needed to embrace that and make sure it’s something they could receive within our company.”

Dr. AJ Zelinski, the leader of the new Chiropractic group, graduated from the University of Texas in Kinesiology in 1997 and went on to complete his doctorate in chiropractic medicine from Texas Chiropractic College in Houston. After a couple years working with another chiropractor, he started his own practice, Advanced Rehabilitation, which grew from 2005 on to include six locations in the Austin and Cedar Park area.

Zelinski, along with his two colleagues, Dr. Dorea Wilder and Dr. Kevine Norris, are excited to provide their services to Little River patients. “When a patient comes in, we will make sure take every opportunity to give them the best medical care we can,” he said.

In addition to Chiropractic services, the new group also offers physical therapy and pre- and post-surgical therapy at its two locations. LRH-Chiropractic & Rehabilitation has also begun seeing patients at the Rockdale Medical Clinic and at King’s Daughters Clinic in Temple. Discussions are taking place for the chiropractors to provide services at LRH locations in Georgetown and possibly Round Rock as well.

The two LRH-Chiropractic & Rehabilitation practices are located at 6611 River Place Blvd., #302 and 4701 Westgate Blvd., Ste. D-401, both in Austin. Hours are Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Fridays 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. You can find more information about the new doctors and their services at

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