Little River says "OK" to Oklahoma

As of Dec. 7, Little River Healthcare officially has roots outside of Texas. A family practice and women’s health clinic in Edmond, Okla.—just outside Oklahoma City—is the newest practice to join the LRH family and will be known as Little River Healthcare – Integrative Medical Solutions.

As in its Texas acquisitions, Little River is pleased to allow providers the ability to continue doing what they love to do, which is practice medicine, said Joell Engelke, director of business development.

“By allowing the providers to not worry about the operational side of the practice, they can focus on patients and providing quality care,” she added. “Patients in Edmond will realize the same benefits as our Texas patients and the providers and staff will have the support they need to continue providing patient-focused care in the future.”

In addition to family practice and women’s health services, the clinic also specializes in hormone imbalances, thyroid, adrenal fatigue, wellness and lifestyle medicine, custom weight loss and many other services. The clinic has three providers, Dr. Ashlee Waugh, her husband Dr. Scott Waugh and nurse practitioner Wendy Parks.

“One of the benefits of Little River is that it adds resources to offload the daily requirements of running a practice,” said Lane Parks, clinic manager and Wendy Parks’ husband. “We’ll let Little River handle those details, and things like changes in healthcare and regulations, which then allows us to focus more on patient care and being a busy family practice.” 

Lane Parks said another benefit is that lab work will now be completed in-network, which is a big bonus with insurance companies. He also added that the acquisition could potentially give the clinic the ability to hire another mid-level practitioner and open another nearby clinic in the next 12 to 18 months. 

In addition, Lane Parks said he hopes the acquisition will lead to the acquisition of more clinics in his area. “Our hope is to help identify those practices in Oklahoma that would benefit from Little River coming in, helping to manage their practice and let providers be providers and let others take care of their practice,” he said.

Little River Healthcare – Integrative Medical Solutions is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 65 S. Saints Blvd. in Edmond. For more information, visit

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