LRH Austin Cardiologist Promoted to Lieutenant in Police Force

One of Little River Healthcare’s most accomplished physicians, Dr. Jonathan Sheinberg, recently received two major promotions—but they weren’t in healthcare.

Dr. Sheinberg, a Little River cardiologist in Austin who works mainly out of Cardiovascular Associates, also works as a police officer for the Cedar Park Police Department.

His first promotion occurred in September 2015, when he was sworn in as a Special Deputy US Marshal.

“The way the marshal service works is that there are 95 federal districts in the country, and each marshal is a presidentially-appointed position,” he said. “Everyone who is appointed is a deputy marshal, but in cities like Austin there are not enough bodies to fill the slots, so they go to local agencies and pick people in those surrounding agencies and deputize them to become special deputy marshals.”

Dr. Sheinberg’s second promotion occurred in December 2015, when he was surprised at an awards banquet with an advancement to lieutenant.

“At the police department I am a patrol officer and the Medical Director of the Central Texas Regional SWAT Team. I am also assistant medical director of EMS tactical medicines,” he said. “I’ve been doing all of that for a while. But at the banquet, I was promoted to a rank commensurate with the experience I had. It was a really nice honor.”

Dr. Sheinberg has had a passion for law enforcement since before he became a physician—and now he enjoys using both his passion for police work and cardiology interchangeably.

He recently developed a program called the Cardiac Screening Initiative, which helps to determine the prevalence of coronary disease in the asymptomatic law enforcement officer. He has also started a nonprofit organization to help facilitate this cause, called The Public Safety Cardiac Foundation. Dr. Sheinberg adds that it’s not bullets that are the leading cause of death in police officers—it’s heart attacks. That’s why his work is so important to him.

“I’m able to make a difference and it’s exciting,” he says. “I get to keep these guys healthy and doing their jobs well.”

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