LRH employee named Rockdale Citizen of the Year

One of Little River Healthcare’s own has made a major impact on the Rockdale community by providing Sunday dinner to EMS workers, police officers and firefighters for more than two years.

In early March, Linda Muston, who works as a patient service representative at LRH’s downtown Rockdale Clinic, along with her husband, Jonathan, received the Outstanding Citizen of the Year award from the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce for their weekly dinners that serve anywhere from 15 to 30 people.

Linda, who has worked at the Rockdale Clinic for 17 years, said receiving the award was a shock.

“Some of the American Medical Response group got together and nominated us,” she said. “We were very shocked. Every Sunday we have a meal at our house for the Rockdale area AMR—EMS, fire department, police officers. They are always welcome on any holiday, especially if they can’t go home to family. I love family and my community, and we just thought it was something we needed to do.”

In addition to weekly dinners, the Mustons also provide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the elderly members of the community who don’t have family to share the holidays with.

“I love doing it,” Linda said. “I love people and I just love to help people out. We plan on continuing these dinners into the future. Even if you’re a stranger, you won’t be a stranger anymore once you show up.”

Linda added that she and her husband never intended on being noticed for their weekly community dinners—but it’s an honor and privilege to receive recognition.

“It just makes you feel so good when you know your community likes you too,” she said.

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