‘Sweet Cases’ from BV Women's Center Soften the Trauma of Child Abuse

Employees at Brazos Valley Women’s Center (BVWC) found a hole in the transition process for local abused children. So they filled that hole with love.

An employee of the OB/Gyn in Bryan reached out to co-workers to help children who are removed from their homes by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) due to situations such as abuse or neglect.

“When a child is removed from their home, they have to collect their belongings and leave, and some children do not have any belongings,” said Sylvia Calhoun, clinic nursing supervisor at BVWC, a bustling 8-provider women's center near College Station. “If the child doesn’t have a bag to put their belongings in, they are given two trash bags to collect their things with. This seems very harsh and sad to many of our employees.”

BVWC employees, along with several employees’ spouses and children, raised more than $500 to purchase 20 “sweet cases”—bags filled with a blanket, stuff ed animal, crayons and a toothbrush. Employees also used some of the money to purchase additional hygiene items, coloring books, games and puzzles for each bag. 

The cases were well received by staff at the Bryan DFPS office. “They were thrilled!” Calhoun said. “Now for the next 20 children that are removed from their home, they will be given a duffle bag stuffed with goodies to help with their transition.”

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