Four-Location Gynecology/Wellness Practice Joins LRH Family

Little River Healthcare continues to expand its reach across Texas with its most recent acquisition of Focus Total Health (FTH) on June 1, a four-location gynecology and wellness practice headed up by Dr. Melissa Miskell. 

FTH began 16 years ago offering gynecology in New Braunfels, where its main clinic still is today. Since its beginning, the practice has expanded three times with clinics also in Boerne, San Antonio and most recently Austin. Besides general gynecology services, FTH also does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women and men, specialty testing services, weight loss plans and skin care by a licensed esthetician.

“We are very natural-minded,” said Jeanette Lewis, practice manager at FTH. “We first try to use supplements for everything. For example, if you had elevated cholesterol, we’re first going to put you on fish oil or niacin as opposed to putting you on a prescription. We don’t always go the way of conventional medicine. In fact, we have a line of supplements in our office that is privately labeled with our name.”

Lewis said the practice’s goal is to look at patients as a whole and “get everything working together,” including nutrition, weight, thyroid and hormones. “Our gynecology services bring in a lot of ladies because everyone needs an annual exam, but our patients stay for the thyroid therapy, hormone therapy and esthetics we can offer.”

Lewis added that what makes the practice different from most is that it’s able to take insurance for many of its services—something that’s fairly unique in today’s world. “Most clinics that do what we do are cash only, but we’re able to make many of our services affordable for the average person,” she said.

In addition to providing unique services, the clinics also feature a very “non-doctor’s office” feel, Lewis said. Patients are more likely to feel like they’re waiting in a comfortable living room instead of a waiting room or exam room, she added. Each clinic provides coffee, tea, sparkling water and healthy snacks for patients in the waiting rooms, as well as in the private rooms where blood is drawn and patients wait for labs to be completed.

While Dr. Miskell mainly heads up their gynecology in Austin, she has other mid-level providers who work out of the other clinics. Rae Benson, ANP, is at the New Braunfels clinic, while Nancy Beebe, FNP-BC, works in Boerne, and Marcie Mazuca, PA-C, works in San Antonio. Another provider, Yesenia Cory, is also seeing patients in both San Antonio and New Braunfels. Esthetics services are provided by a licensed esthetician at the New Braunfels, Boerne and San Antonio locations.

Dr. Miskell said she’s excited about her practice’s future with LRH, because it gives them the ability to expand. “We now have the ability to grow and the ability to continue to take insurance,” she said. “That’s a big deal. We don’t want to practice elitist medicine.”

Lewis added that she hopes new patients will come in soon to see what FTH can offer. “It’s a whole different world out there if you want think our way about medicine,” she said.

For more information on FTH or to make an appointment, call (210) 305-5075 or visit

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