New Service Added to LRH with Pathology Group

Central Texas Pathology Laboratory in Waco has joined the Little River family. This acquisition is a big deal for these organizations, as it provides both LRH and the lab with big opportunities.

Joe White, COO of Central Texas Pathology Laboratory, said joining LRH expands the lab’s capabilities by being able to increase its workload, become more efficient, and support LRH in all of its future endeavors. 

“All Little River facilities now have a common group of pathologists to consult with, because physicians consult with pathologists frequently,” he said. “This will give Little River the ability to have all of its physicians discuss issues with one pathology group. Joining Little River will even possibly expand our lines of service that we’re providing, like being able to do more extensive molecular procedures. We’re looking forward to this relationship.”

The Central Texas Pathology Laboratory has been around since the late 1990s when the two major hospitals in Waco decided to merge their pathology labs together to create one large lab. In 2008, after several years of growth, Central Texas Pathology Laboratory moved to its current location in the Six West Medical Center, where LRH has several other practices, like Central Texas Urology and Waco Imaging.

The lab has approximately 35 employees, including eight pathologists in Waco, as well as histotechnicians, medical technologists and transcriptionists. The lab performs tests on more than 20,000 pap smears a year, 4,000 non-gynecological specimens per year, and is on track to perform tests on around 30,000 tissue cases per year. 

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