Geriatrics Group Joins LRH; Provides Even More Services for Austin Area Seniors

As of Nov. 15, 2016, a geriatrics group has joined Little River Healthcare as a way to increase the organization’s ever-expanding range of services.

Formerly known as Transitions Geriatrics Group, the LRH Family Care Center – Long Term Care department will serve seniors in the greater Austin area. The group was created by Dr. Jim Chudleigh, who has worked as a primary care physician for over 35 years. About five years ago, he and a few business partners created Transitions Geriatrics Group, which now employs over 30 physicians and nurse practitioners (NPs), and serves over 60 facilities in the greater Austin area. Dr. Chudleigh is now employed by LRH as a medical director for long term care.

“Over the years we’ve grown increasingly focused on our nursing home partners and now we service over 40 post-acute facilities, including skilled nursing homes, long term care and assisted living,” said Molly Chudleigh, RN and practice manager.

Dr. Jim Chudleigh with a Geriatrics patient
Currently the LRH Family Care Center has nine NPs who primarily focus on long term care in nursing facilities, as well as half a dozen physicians who work as independent contractors in various nursing homes in the Austin area.

“We cover a huge region, from Bertram all the way to New Braunfels and as far east as Luling and Lockhart,” Molly Chudleigh said. “We primarily serve what would be deemed as more rural, under-served populations, and we hope to be able to do even more. We plan to hire two more nurse practitioners in the next couple of months, as well as support staff.”

A service unique to the LRH Family Care Center is a 24/7 on-call service for patients.
“Patients can call anytime day or night for care, patient issues or questions,” Molly Chudleigh said. “We try to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.”
Another service that is not currently available but will be once enough staff is hired is a house call practice.
“That’s something we used to do but we don’t have the staff for it now,” said Molly Chudleigh. “We would like to start that up once we have enough staff. It’s one of my personal goals to reinstate that service in the next year or so. There’s an enormous part of the senior population who can’t physically get to the doctor that need to see one.”
Joining the LRH family has been a great move for the LRH Family Care Center, Molly Chudleigh said, because providers are now able to see better reimbursements per visit, provide more time with patients which leads to better quality care, and have access to different teams of support by being a part of a larger medical group.
“We were a very unique practice to be acquired, but every one of the departments at LRH has worked hard to accommodate us and make the merger as smooth as possible,” Molly Chudleigh said. “We’re really excited to connect with Little River providers and really network with the Little River family and see what other great things we can do when we start combining efforts.”

LRH Family Care Center – Long Term Care’s office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call (512) 452-2100 or visit

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