Killeen Clinic Now Open, Providing Ortho and Sports Medicine Treatment

On Dec. 1, 2016, Little River Healthcare launched the Little River Healthcare-Killeen Clinic, which is being led by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Hansen.

Currently, the only services offered at the location are orthopedics and sports medicine treatment, which Dr. Hansen has an extensive background in.

“For now it’s just orthopedics and X-rays, and I’m also sports medicine trained, so I deal with a lot of torn ACLs, cuff tears, shoulder problems and knee problems,” Dr. Hansen said. “There’s a big need for these services here in Killeen. We’re just starting out right now, but we’re hoping to add primary care services as well as more surgeons in the future.”

Dr. Hansen graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas before completing a surgical internship at University of California San Francisco. He then moved to Brooklyn, New York, where he was an orthopedic surgery resident at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. Dr. Hansen then completed his residency at New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, where he served as chief resident. He then went on to complete a sports medicine fellowship at Boston University, where he learned advanced arthroscopic techniques.

Dr. Hansen grew up near Dallas, where his love of the Dallas Cowboys was nurtured at a very young age by his grandfather and former Cowboys team physician Dr. Ronald Garvey. When he’s not at work, Dr. Hansen enjoys spending time with his wife, Portia, and staying active together by running, biking and chasing their young daughter around the house. In addition, Dr. Hansen volunteers much of his free time at Copperas Cove High School and Shoemaker High School, where he performs physicals and looks over injuries for the young athletes.

The new orthopedic practice is somewhat of a redemption story for LRH. In 2014, LRH closed down the Killeen Clinic—then known as King’s Daughters Clinic Killeen—in an effort to consolidate and enhance the organization’s services. Now Dr. Hansen is back in the same building and ready to build up a quality practice for the people of Killeen.

The LRH-Killeen Clinic is the fourth LRH practice in the Killeen/Harker Heights area, following the KDC-Harker Heights Women’s Center, Southern Eye Associates, and the LRH Spine Care Program of Killeen.

The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 401 W. Jasper Road in Killeen. To make an appointment, call (254) 213-7843. For more information on Dr. Hansen, visit his website at

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