South Austin-Based Orthopedic Practice Joins LRH

As of Jan. 1, Little River Healthcare has officially acquired Southwest Orthopedic Group (SWOG), a South Austin-based orthopedic practice.

Dr. Nicholas Tsourmas founded SWOG approximately 30 years ago. Over the years, it has provided both general and specialty orthopedics. The current physicians at SWOG include Dr. Manish Patel, Dr. Brian Sullivan, Dr. Michael Albrecht, Dr. Arush Angirasa and Dr. Stephen Norwood.

Each of these board-certified physicians specializes in different areas of orthopedic surgery. For example, Dr. Patel completed a fellowship in upper extremity surgeries, which includes surgeries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, and Dr. Angirasa, a podiatrist, is fellowship trained in complex foot and ankle reconstruction.

“We do a lot of complex surgeries, but we also try to make ourselves available to referring doctors who are trying to get their patients in,” Dr. Patel said. “We try to get them in the same day or the next day if possible. We are always able and willing to work people into our schedule.”

In addition to accepting most major insurance plans, SWOG also accepts Workers’ Compensation patients.

“Our group has traditionally been one of the more experienced groups when it comes to Workers’ Compensation patients. Our founder, Dr. Tsourmas, is the medical director at Workers’ Comp insurance company Texas Mutual,” Dr. Patel said. “Anyone who sees Workers’ Comp patients should know that we can help if their patients need orthopedic care.”

In addition to the main South Austin clinic, SWOG also has satellite locations in Bastrop and Kyle. The main clinic provides X-ray, ultrasound and bracing services. Dr. Patel said he also hopes to be able to provide a full-time hand therapist on staff in the near future.

“We’re excited about joining a multi-specialty group that’s growing,” said Dr. Patel. “Little River has a lot of experience in running physicians’ practices and I personally talked to five or six physicians prior to joining, and all of them had good things to say from a management standpoint. There is power in numbers and interdisciplinary referrals. We can send patients to each other and have easy access to those medical records. We also hope that going forward we can help Little River expand in South and Central Austin, which is growing and booming.”

SWOG is LRH’s third practice in the South Austin area, following West Gate Chiro & Rehab and Focus Total Health Austin.

SWOG is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 2500 W. William Cannon Drive, Ste. 401 in Austin. For more information, call (512) 451-1969 or visit

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