Timberlands Hospital Performs its First Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Clifton O'Meara, Orthopedic Surgeon
Timberlands Hospital completed its first total hip replacement procedure in November 2016. The surgery, performed by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Clifton O’Meara, was the first ever to be done at the hospital in Crockett.

“It feels great to make this much-needed procedure a normal part of our service at Timberlands Hospital,” Dr. O’Meara said.

The recipient of the total hip replacement was 85-year-old Crockett resident Joanne Holcomb.

“I am hoping I will not have to walk with a cane and be more mobile,” said Holcomb. “It’s a miracle that we have someone like Dr. O’Meara who cares enough about our small community to come here.”

Prior to joining Timberlands Hospital, Dr. O’Meara practiced in Georgetown for 22 years. He came to Crockett to revive general orthopedics at Timberlands Hospital and broaden the scope of his practice. Hip replacement surgery has been a large part of Dr. O’Meara’s practice, as he has completed more than 350 procedures in the last five years.

“This procedure is significant for Houston County because arthritis of the hip causes interruptions of everyday life activities for many in the community,” Dr. O’Meara said. “I want to restore their lives back to as normal as possible.”

A total hip replacement involves replacing the ball and socket joint of a hip, where both parts of the hip are replaced. The procedure is generally done for arthritic conditions, although other diagnoses sometimes require hip replacement surgery.

Timberlands Hospital has a second total hip replacement scheduled for later in the year. To learn more about Dr. O’Meara’s services, visit TimberlandsHealth.com

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